Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I heard an old Song today...

As a wee programmer, I often found my self testing new programs created by others more initiated in the craft of Software. Most of these folks swore allegiance to one particular language or computer system, creating anthems to the objects of their devotion. A buddy at the time shared such a tribute with me after his code passed muster on the test bench.

Sung to the Beatles Tune "Let it Be"

"When I find my Code has got in trouble, my Supervisor comes to me.
Speaking words of wisdom Write in C..."

I decided I should cover my Pickle with a different flavor of Jam. It turns out, the Globus Alliance foresaw a partial solution to My NLP grid project. Its called
GT 4.0: C WS Core. So I will not be using gSoap or Axis C++ to Grid enable the Medley NLP. I will also explore using libxml2, a set of apache tools used to create web - services from C.

Once I have wrapped the API and deployed it as a web service, The WSDL should be callable in a myriad of ways, including technologies yet to be created.

I can't wait to see the documentation on the Medley API. If my suspicions prove correct, we should be able to create a web-service from the native API ( i was told it was written in C). I now have a sweeter jam and a larger pickle to spread it upon.

I gotta go download some more tools and start setting them up on my Fedora

I just love old songs don't you? They bring back memories.

"... and when my program is clobbered by sub-routines unknown to me,
I recite those words of wisdom, Write in C..."

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