Monday, May 12, 2008

OGSA-DAI location demonstrated, now for GLOBUS

Earlier this afternoon I got the classes and JSP all aligned so that you could have a dropdown for selecting a deployed ogsa-dai resource.

Now, the next step is going to be discovering all of the grid resources that have OGSA-DAI resources... and for that I need to familiarize myself with Globus MDS and how to code for it, I might also look at MonALISA and see whether it will have better APIs for globus resource location. Before that, I am going to have to orient most of the resources that I have recently deployed through tomcat to work instead through the globus container and orient my JSPs to hit the globus-related URLs instead.

Another thing that has been brought up is how to integrate OGSA-DAI and globus on a larger scale... and one of the things that OGSA-DAI is purported to be able to do is essentially merge heterogeneous databases.... and that's not entirely the case.

I feel that what OGSA-DAI does is it will expose some metadata on, and enable access to, views or tables in different databases. The Views themselves will have to be homogenous... if they don't have the same schema then it will not be possible for databases to simply be plugged in.. at least not at first. Later generations might have data mapping capability, but for the case of polling systems and scanning algorythms everything is still going to need to be relatable to some master data schema.

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