Friday, May 23, 2008

Daily Lab / POC Activities


  • Solved software dependency issues and installed Subversion-1.3.0-20, Subversion-tools-1.3.0-20, and Subversion-Server-1.3.0-20 on lab 1002.
NOTE:A Subversion repository will be created once the programmers meet and decide on a standard directory structure for version control. This meeting will take place on Tuesday.

  • Reviewed the Medicus installation process that was sent by Nigel Parsad.
NOTE: Based on the Medicus installation procedures, I decided the best location for the first install would be lab 1001. This is because Medicus requires OGSA-DAI and MySQL to be installed and modified. We currently have a working instance of OGSA-DAI and MySQL installed on lab 1001. Medicus will be moved to the NCPHI server once we have evaluated it's behavior on the internal grid.

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