Thursday, May 22, 2008

Met with Anurag, talked with Ronald

Today I met the new developer Anurag at lunch and discussed the tenets and goals of the various Grid projects. He also expressed a fascination with the blog (shout out to you Anurag! :) ). Unfortunately, I will be out on vacation next week, so I will not be able to hang out with him when he gets acquainted, but he seems very neat and it will be lovely to have him on the project.

We also talked with Ron Price from Utah who has been working with the grid for Quite Some Time, and has several caGRID nodes talking with each other and accessing different databases through the caGRID federated query processing engine. It seems that the FQP is simular to the DQP that OGSA-DAI is working-on. Thus, I anticipate a lot of discussion contrasting and comparing the two and seeing if pertinent differences can be applied to future generations.

Peter W.

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