Thursday, August 7, 2008

We've got dots, and they are indicating levels.

After a lot of tinkering with the google maps API and a lot of things that theoretically should work but didn't... I managed to get dots showing up on a google map and color-code them based on the level of incidents indicated by the query. They also load a bit slowly because of how I had to encode the data series, but it works, and that is better than before. I also have lots of ideas of how to make things faster and prettier given time thanks to Alastair and Mario of Ogsa-Dai, who helped me kick around ideas.

Next steps are to bisect the databases and put them on different database servers... wire up such nifty bisections into the demo app, and if time allows, start integrating the results.

I am happy. I got dots.

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Mario said...

Peter it would be a good if you put some sample pics up of your outputs.