Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Axis mismatch is hurting RODSAdai

Dr. Espino discovered a pretty serious bug with how we are planning on using Globus that is preventing the RODSAdai code from running within the same war as RODS.

It comes down to Globus 4.0.5 using a customized version of Apache Axis 1.2RC2 (modified to specifically support Globus services). RODS (like many modern Java applications) also uses Axis. RODS specifically uses version 1.4 of Axis. The version of Axis used by Globus conflicts with the version of Axis used by RODS and is causing the RODSAdai code to fail.

The idea of RODSAdai is that it is a jar that can be included in RODS (or other Java applications) that calls out to OGSA-DAI services on the Public Health Research Grid. So it is beneficial to have the RODSAdai code be as drop in and easy to use as possible.

Jeremy and I had a call with the OGSA-DAI folks (Alistair and Mario) where they basically helped us work out that this is a limitation of Globus, not necessarily of OGSA-DAI. Mario is taking this question to the Globus community to ask how they typically deal with this situation.

In the meantime, Jeremy and I came up with a hack that should work for demo purposes until we get a proper solution from the Globus folks. We're running separate wars for RODS and RODSAdai. This will allow RODS to use the Axis 1.4 jar and RODSAdai to use the Axis 1.2RC2 jar that Globus/OGSA-DAI requires. The hack is that the two wars need to communicate with a HTTP based IPC. Not beautiful, but we'll see if it works.

I added a new servlet to RODSAdai to support this and Jeremy will test it out in his environment later today. Updates will be posted here.

We also found out from OGSA-DAI that they are working on a version that will work with Globus 4.2. Which should come in handy as Dan begins our 4.2 transition testing and planning.

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Mario said...

Just a small correction - we are not working on a GT4.2 port of OGSA-DAI yet but we do hope to be doing this in the very near future.