Thursday, August 14, 2008

PH case reporting scenario development project

An update on a project started a couple of months back for developing a PH case reporting scenario

The purpose of this activity:
To better understand the epidemiologists' workflow so we can align the PHI research grid activities to public health practice as well as AHIC case reporting use case.

Work done so far:
  • Abstracted public health related information transaction steps from the AHIC public health case reporting use case
  • An epidemiologist mapped the AHIC use case to a scenario in her daily activities
  • The PHI research grid project team mapped the draft scenario activities to the PHI research grid activities (i.e., current Proof of Concept (PoC) projects and planned PoCs)


  • Select 3 - 4 consecutive steps from the use case scenario to work in more detail, i.e. describe in terms of who, what, when, etc (described in the scenario draft).
  • Develop context flow diagrams and task flow diagrams for the 3-4 selected steps
  • The PHI grid developers' team will use the above mentioned diagrams to better align the technical use cases
  • The PHI grid project design team will use the above diagrams (and the full scenario) to plan further proof of concept projects

Ref material:

Comments and suggstions will be greatly appreciated!

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