Friday, August 8, 2008

Testing, Testing and more testing

  • I spent the day working with the GridMedLee services and I feel I have made a lot of progress. I modified the client code sent to me to invoke the GridMedLee service. Currently working through what appears to be a security issue with getting a status back from the GridMedLeeContext service. I have some ideas of a few things to do on my end to try to make sure my set up is functioning properly.
  • I also went back and re-ran the client for the ZipCode service for Utah and I am getting the same message from their service that I am receiving with GridMedlee.
  • I also installed WireShark locally to be able to actually view the contents of data being sent between the client and the server.

Stay tuned friends more to come as I delve deeper into Globus security.


Kate said...

IS gridmedlee still active? Have u been successfull?

Brian Alexander Lee said...

The gridmedlee service has not been modified in quite some time (last check-in was 19 months ago). For success, Dr. Lai successfully demonstrated the service running at the 2008 PHIN Conference in September, 2008.