Friday, August 15, 2008

SRGM Progress

Here's the update on SRGM test cases. With the combined efforts in the past couple of weeks we have been able to cover a lot of ground on these test cases. The ones which are still left are :
1) Transfer HL7 file from partner node (node B) to CDC lab node (node A) using PHINMS issued digital certificates.
2) Evaluate user interface projects for RFT management and operation (including, but not limited to, job starting/stopping/resuming, route management).
and the ones which are knocked off the list are :
1) Evaluate reliable GRIDftp and WS-RM against OCISO guidelines and requirements
2) Evaluate reliable GRIDftp and WS-RM against NIST guidelines and requirements (specifically, but not limited to, the FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module Validation Program; FIPS 200 Minimum Security Requirements for Federal Information and Information Systems).
3) Configure lab node and partner node to use PHINMS digital certificate.
4) Transfer HL7 file from partner node B to partner node C using stored at CDC lab node (node A).
5) Test ability of Globus components to integrate into existing PHINMS infrastructure (transfer of program payloads through both PHINMS and Globus).
6) Evaluate capabilities for unattended retries/delivery of payload file.
7) Evaluate capabilities for end to end payload level encryption (Done thanks to efforts of Vaughn Mcmullin, the document still needs to be updated with teminal snapshots)
8) Evaluate capabilities for guaranteed once and only once delivery of file and the robustness of its duplicate file detection
9) Evaluate capabilities for large payload (> 100 MB) reliable delivery.
10) Evaluate capabilities for file payload encryption for strength and validity.
11) Evaluate capabilities for reliable data exchange for once-and-only-once transport of payload data.
12) Evaluate reliable GRIDftp for reliable messaging for reliability due to node availability

So all in all of the 14 cases we have finished 12, 2 more to go, the completion of which we will be on working on next week.

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