Tuesday, August 12, 2008

GridMedlee Progress

Making progress on GridMedlee testing. I have altered the initial client code to add security options. I have gotten it to the point to where I am receiving a error of Unknown CA. In speaking with my team members this issue should be resolvable by running the code from a controlled node rather than my local laptop. I am in the process of moving the code over to the controlled node and will (hopefully) get it running from there.

Along the way I picked up some knowledge with regard to the GlobusCredential class. When the Introduce framework created the test client for GridMedlee there were several versions of the GridMedleeClient method that were created, some included a parameter for a GlobusCredential object. Upon further investigation I found that the GlobusCredential class can be used to create secure credentials.

I will have another update later today after I get the GridMedlee client built on the controlled node.

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