Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Distributed Query Diagram

Some important stakeholders had some questions about how the distributed query built for the RODSA-DAI demo works so Tom and I came up with some diagrams that should help to more clearly describe.

The demo is basically showing how you can run a distributed query on multiple nodes to perform an aggregate count analysis (by syndrome) and then return the results to a coordinator node that combines the aggregated results into a single collection and display it in an application (such as Google Maps).

Also we're currently only querying by syndrome and returning counts, you could easily add multiple dimensions on the criteria and the results (age, gender, date range, region, etc. etc.). Link to wiki entry with images and visio diagram.

In case you wonder why the blog is a bit quiet lately, it is because we're all preparing for the PHIN Conference's grid related presentations and demos.

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