Friday, August 1, 2008

SRGM Progress

I talked to Raj(at Globus) regarding providing more details regarding the RFT Flow diagram provided. I will be upgrading the version on the wiki as soon as I get it.

On the test cases, the PHINMS certificate has been installed on the nodes. So no a successful transfer will knock off another test case 4E : Transfer HL7 file from partner node (node B) to CDC lab node (node A) using PHINMS issued digital certificates (Req. No. 05 & 06).
The test case document on the wiki will be updated as soon as the test is finished.

Also as Brian, Dan,Vaughn and me talked, one of the enhancements mentioned was having the option to set flags for optional parameters regarding the file being transferred. One criteria which came up was having a flag to set for Time Sensitive Data(as in if the file does not reach within specified time frame, discard it). Globus folks agreed that it would be a good feature to have and they can include it in the next version. Also, please feel free to add if you think of some more enhancements and we can convey them to Globus folks further.

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