Thursday, August 21, 2008

Remaining SRGM Test Cases

The latest version of SRGM_POC test case document is on the wiki right now with test case 4G to be revisited with either a little more elaboration or a change of approach. I am currently working with Vaughn Mcmullin on that. Apart from that, the case 4J ) Evaluate user interface projects for RFT management and operation (including, but not limited to, job starting/stopping/resuming, route management) ( Req. No 16) is what I am looking into. Early in our work we came across vbrowser which covered a lot of ground, in terms of functionality, as one of the possible UI's. So before we move further in this area, upon Brian's recommendation, I am posting a couple of features that we would want to zero in on while evaluating various UI's
1) Support for manual/interactive as well as automatic transfers. Although, as discussed ,automatic transfers could be more of an added feature rather than a basic requirement.
2) Ability to see the status of jobs going on at any particular time by being able to provide a way to query the persistent storage.
3) Capability to stop the jobs manually in the middle of a transfer, which could remove parts of payload already transferred.
4) As we know,Vbrowser is applet based so making a decision whether we would like to have a web based UI for our purpose.
5) Raj(from Globus) mentioned in one of the calls that they do have a UI implementation also so I will be following up with him whether their implementation covers some of these already.

I also found another UI implementation for GridFTP of WISENT, which is an eclipse based, cross-platform, open-source GridFTP client which allows to transfer, view progress and delete files. Although it would be interesting if they provide support for RFT. Please feel free to check out the url (a flash presentation of the application)
Please feel free to add what you would think, could be a feature of the UI for GridFTP.

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