Friday, August 29, 2008

My First PHIN Conference Experience

My first PHIN conference experience was awesome. I started my conference experience on Sunday attending two pre-conference sessions, Web2.0 for Public Health and PHIN101, both sessions were very good and provided a wealth of useful information. The next three days were packed with many interesting presentations covering everything from GIS applications to vocabulary. I have included links to some of the tools and projects that were mentioned during some of the sessions I attended, enjoy.


Eclipse Open Health Framework -

Cobertura -

JFreeChart -

Selenium -

Taverna -

ConceptHub -

Creative Commons -

Thin Wire -

Open ID -

Cruise Control -

Ivy -

Public Health Partners -

*** Orange Data Mining - - very interesting gui programming tool using python scripts

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Brian Alexander Lee said...

The caGrid folks (Justin P) said that the next version of Introduce will be using ivy. So this is worth looking into.