Friday, August 22, 2008

I wasn't able to get the demo to yet.

While the demo is set up and running on our internal servers... and we have a way to get into the internal servers for the Phin conference, and while I was able to get the databases and ogsadai bits installed on Dallas (I think) and NCPHI (I know)... I will not be able to get jboss on NCPHI and the demo available for public consumption.

I faced a lot of hurdles that delayed me, including limited server access due to higher priority testing and a 4:00 PM brownout/surge that killed all of our virtual machines. I was tooting along despite that when at 5:30, I discovered that dallas wasn't accessible on port 8443. That is the port OGSA-DAI operates on, and without it I won't be able to see one of the databases needed for the demo.. as a RODSAdai demo isn't that impressive with only one server.

I also tried getting JBoss installed on the NCPHI node, only to find that there were lots of errors generated on startup and a realization that port 8080 is blocked coming in.

Thus, we are facing a big case of interrupted ports, and no-one is in the building who can un-interrupt them.

At least the internal demo is working, and very neat I think.

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