Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Building Demos

I got some very cool news from Dr. Espino today, that he had gotten RODSAdai building and happy on his end, and will probably be able to integrate all the code within a week. Furthermore, he added much better logging code (log4j complete with properties files), some null checking, and some defaults. I have successfully updated everything and adjusted to fit my own environment.

On the demo end, I have discovered many things that will not work with google maps as I envisioned them. I was thinking of doing real-time geocoding of zip codes, but that would turn one javascript request to google into about 30, and there are already free databases of zipcode geospatial locations. Furthermore, I am not sure of the best way to just lay out all the data given google's finicky timeouts (thus, if your application takes a while to generate a KML file, you will need to generate the file and place it somewhere in an accessible spot and then tell google to find it there).

Considering I am not exactly working on an accessible node, I am beginning to think it might just be easier to use JSP loops to build an array and then place that array into one of googles marker manager objects. Perhaps there is a way to pass KML into a google map directly? I will probably tinker with this at home.

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