Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Make that two non-functional OD boxes

Well, I got the Ubuntu box set up for running Globus and Tomcat... downloaded and built OGSA-DAI, deployed it to tomcat and the Globus container... created a resource, deployed the resource, and tried to run a SQLClient against the resource... and got this..

Exception in thread "main" [1208374501596:4] : ogsadai-1195888958d
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at SQLClient.executePipeline(
at SQLClient.main(

It is the same error I was getting with the second SuSE box that I gave up on... let me tell you what this error does not tell me:

* I do not know what the error really was. Because I don't know what error "ogsadai-1195888958d" is and there is no documentation for it.
* This error does not tell me what broke.
* I am apparently incapable of turning on the logging so that better errors are thrown closer to the problem source.

After narrowing down that other things work (The DRER is accessible via tomcat, MySQL is up and running, the logins.txt file has all the appropriate information, the jdbc file I used worked during the data creation, and the MySQLDataResource file looks to be correct) I have no idea what is broken. I mean maybe something was written wrong in the MYSQL resource, but I thought I fixed it and restarted tomcat and it should work and it doesn't.

I think I am going to have to get with the Edinburgh folks early tomorrow, start up a webex and just have them look at the boxes to see what was mis-configured or allow them to try setting up a resource and get the logging working... because I am running out of ideas that aren't just pure churn. I will also talk to them about making a more robust resource making client that will test resources being created for validity and connectivity before being deployed.

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Albert said... : ogsadai-1195888958d

This just indicates that your request (e.g. query) failed. ogsadai-1195888958d is not an error code, it is the internal object id (it's returned by RequestResource.ToString()) .

You might want to check the database server logs (and turn logging on there, if it isn't already). Or come down and see me and I might be able to help out.

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