Tuesday, April 15, 2008

PHGrid on Ubuntu

Yesterday was spent trying to get the postgresql instance on the second computer running through ogsa-dai, and it failed. Luckily, we found that the original install of OGSA-DAI was working and a few servers just hadn't been restarted since the last time it was shut down.

Thus, today, I went ahead and tried some of the other example clients on that server and actually got the secure communications set up with the help of Dan and Alastair.

The other big news is that we got the Ubuntu box installed yesterday, so today we made headway in getting a VDT install of Globus on Ubuntu, it is almost up and running, now we are just dealing with all of the certificate and authentication stuff, then it will be setting up tomcat, deploying OGSA-DAI, and probably setting up a little mysql database.

As for the "second computer" I am going to try and get MySQL running on it too.. then we can start trying to code OGSA-DAI proofs of concepts that pull from a PostgreSQL database and two MYSQL databases on three different computers.


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