Thursday, April 10, 2008

OGSA-DAI almost set up on another computer.

I have OGSA-DAI in a similar position on a second server.... where it all seems to be installed properly but whenever I try to run the simple client I get cryptic errors like this:

ava SQLClientException in thread "main" The resource null is unknown. at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at SQLClient.executePipeline( at SQLClient.main(

That error doesn't help me right now, I am not familiar enough with how OD does things to be able to go "oh, it's failing looking up this"... and I spent most of the day before that trying to just get the heartbeat jsp to stop throwing errors... and all the "unknown source" means I cant delve further into code to see what is being cantankerous.

I have tried double checking the resources and the logins.txt file (which was the problem I was having with the first installation) and I am out of ideas, so I am going home and I won't be able to catch the guys in Edinburgh to help troubleshoot because I won't be able to get in early in the morning. Thus, I will probably spend tomorrow researching and documenting how two PHGrid nodes running OD will talk to each other in the hopes of eventually having two of them functioning properly.

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Alistair said...

Could you send the server logs to the OGSA-DAI team? If we can get as much information as possible hopefully we can help get this problem resolved. There are a few possibilities as to what has gone wrong. If we get your logs and if possible your setup info, i.e. resources etc, we could maybe have some ideas for troubleshooting it sent by email or IM.