Monday, April 14, 2008

Daily Lab / POC Activities


  • Installed Globus 4.0.7 on lab 1003
  • Updated VDT installation document based on 1.10.0 changes
  • Contacted Laura about HealthGrid CA details
  • When installing VDT 1.10.0 Globus-WS(Web Services Container) the following error is returned:

Downloading [vdt_globus_rft_server-VDT1.10.0-x86_rhas_3.tar.gz] from []...
Command failed:
/opt/vdt/mysql/bin/mysqladmin -S /opt/vdt/vdt-app-data/mysql/var/mysql.sock -u root create rft_database
Exited with value 127
Package [/opt/vdt:] not [installed]:
Package [/opt/vdt:] not [installed]:
Package [/opt/vdt:] not [installed]:
Shell command [. /opt/vdt/; . /opt/vdt/globus/etc/; vdt/setup/configure_rft] returns with an error code.

  • Currently researching the error.
Note: The Globus package completed without error, but Globus-WS did not.

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