Thursday, April 17, 2008

Make that three working nodes

I got in early today to have a bit more time with the OGSA-DAI folks at Edinburgh, and the results are wonderful.

I found the configuration file that was improperly set up with their help and now local OD calls are working on all three nodes. Furthermore, I can ping nodes on other computers and access their resources... so I am now ready to start writing clients.

Alastair gave the sage advice that I should probably work on building clients before I start focusing heavily on security... because security is pretty much changing the calls and the hosts and adds a whole new level of complexity and I should get a better feel for how the clients operate when I am not worrying about everything being validated on the grid.

Thus, the next step is to pore over the included source examples to see how various things are called and then to start writing my own little clients that put various activities in the pipeline.

Otherwise, I am very excited and look forward to making some neat little clients and some snappy JSPs to show off the various functionality of OD.


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Tom Savel, MD said...

Peter - great work! Thank you!