Friday, April 18, 2008

Recruiting the hinterlands

On Wednesday, April 15, Tom Savel, Ken Hall, and John Stinn spoke with Tim Stephens and Mike Hill from the National Association of Public Health Information Technology (, a national non-profit organization that provides leaders in public health information technology (IT) with a venue to exchange ideas and experiences, discuss and shape current public health information policy, and learn about tools and technologies that help them better support public health.

The discussion centered on the background of the PH Research Grid, the public health and business drivers for the CDC for exploring federated architectures, and the research approach the CDC is sponsoring in standing up nodes, and exploring the technology stack. The NAPHIT group was very intrigued by the possibilities, and is eager to help in defining the administration and security models the grid would entail.

The next steps may include a webinar to the NAPHIT membership, and a definition of prospective projects to collaborate on in the future. More to come....

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