Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grid Questions

Here are the answers to the Johns-Hopkins the questions.

What services will be used on the grid?

We are currently using the following Globus services:

GridFTP - A file transfer protocol that provides secure, robust, fast and efficient transfer of data.

Grid Security Infrastructure OpenSSH (GSI-OpenSSH) - A Globus replacement for OpenSSH
Open Grid Services Architecture Data Access and Integration (OGSA-DAI) - A middleware product which supports the exposure of data resources, such as relational or XML databases, on to grids.

Reliable File Transfer Service (RFT) - A web service that provides “job scheduler"-like functionality for data movement. RFT should be used for extremely large data transfers.

Replica Location Service (RLS) - A registry that keeps track of where one or more copies, or replicas, of files exists on physical storage systems in a Grid environment.

Simple Certificate Authority (SimpleCA) - A package that provides a simplified certification authority for the purpose of issuing credentials to Globus Toolkit users and services. This package is often used for testing Globus installations.

Web Services Grid Resource and Allocation Management (WS GRAM) - A Unix server suite that enables users to submit, monitor, and cancel jobs on Grid computing resources.

Web Monitoring and Discovery System (WebMDS) - A web-based interface to WSRF resource property information that is available as a user-friendly front-end to the Index Service.

Coming Soon:

Data Replication Service (DRS) - A web service that combines RFT and RLS to provide a pull-based replication capability that ensures a specified set of files exists on a storage site.

Java Commodity Grid Kit (Java CoG kit) - A Jglobus library that provides a client-side API and limited server side functionality to the GT2-based services such as GRAM and MDS. It also provides a client-side API for GridFTP, MyProxy and has extensive GSI support.

MyProxy - An online credential repository used to eliminate the need for manually copying private key and certificate files between machines.

How will you demonstrate grid functionality at the PHIN conference? The method for demonstrating grid functionality is still being decided.

Will multiple grid user accounts be created for the PHIN conference? No, we will create a single demo account that will have controlled access to grid data.

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