Thursday, April 30, 2009

Updated AMDS Schema + web app

I updated the AMDS schema with a new version in preparation for the release of AMDS-BioSense's Alpha services tomorrow.

I'm sure Vaughn will tell you about the details. Basically, the service tool we're using didn't like referenced types, so I remade the schema to use inline defined elements. I know this is bad form, but it's what we had to do to get the tool to work. If anyone can generate a WSDL file with Introduce using the March 30 schema we'll be very grateful. Otherwise, the example XML didn't change at all so documents valid under the March 30 schema are still valid under the April 30 schema.

Other changes are we changed all our xs:date and xs:dateTime elements to be xs:string, again to make it easier for the AMDS-BioSense Alpha services. Axis1.4 didn't really like date objects very much.

Finally, I added an optional "AllCount" sibling element to "Count" so that services that want to explicitly return the denominator can do so. This was added at the suggestion of the Harvard ESP:SS folks as their data provider doesn't actually return the counts for every single condition type so a query for Classifier=ALL would not actually return the denominator.

I also created a sourceforge project for the schemas so 1) we can do some more detailed version control than the wiki provides and 2) others can host the schemas if they so desire.

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Felicia Rosemond said...

All of your points are interesting. Version 1 of the schema that I wrote contained both referenced types and xs:dateTime elements.

If you need an external consultant to solve your problem, please feel free to give me a call. I think you know the number.