Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Services and Deploys.

So today I did manage to get a secure service and a secure client up and deployed in my current environment, and while it is a bit of a pain, it shouldn't be insurmountable, just tedious. I look forward to seeing if Vaughn found a better way to adjust the service parameters as AMDS is probably going to be very dynamic.

Tomorrow will be adjusting some of the properties by hand (namely the security parameters and such) and trying to make a little website off the client (like I did with rodsadai) just so I can see what happens when I deploy things alongside rodsadai and what libraries have to change (with Felicia's help).

I know this is going to be rather heuristic. But I didn't learn Globus that well before, and It'll help me sew together all the little bits about how all these services are going to bump into each other, and help me get a better perpective about the appliance network we are going to be making.

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