Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Discussions and progress

Today we had a meeting about some of the ways that the AMDS grid services and AMDS viewers are going to interact in their planned environments. It helped clear up a lot of ambiguities about how they would connect to each other and what sorts of security requirements would be needed and what sorts of security should be expected at different points on the grid.

We also had discussions about ways to handle CAs now and in the future, and how to package things so that we make it easier for other developers to play with stuff should they want to.

I have been making some progress with the NPDSAMDS project, and forgot how handy it is to just write the interface and start pulling in types to wrap your head around all the bits in a service. I really do grok java better than XML Schema still.

Finally, I have been stopping what I was doing to help deal with minor issues in the production deploy of QuickSilver. Said deploy will probably loom for some time, but I can't complain because, hey, code going live is neat!

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