Monday, April 20, 2009


So, AMDS-UI is going to be broken into three parts, and the structure will be very similar to Quicksilver but will be replicated because the two apps will be doing two very different things.

Amdsmulticlient will be the main model generator. It will contact AMDS clients with queries(securely or non-securely, depending on the URL), and deal with marshalling data into objects which can be understood by...

Amdsgmap which is the main controller. It will take the data objects and convert them into data better understood by gmap-polygons (and will be using the gmap-polygon jar). It will pack up the data into gmap-polygons through a suite of JSP backing code for...

Amdsgmap-UI, which is the main view. This will take data from amdsgmap and display it and handle the requests and responses to the actual viewer. It will also hopefully have some admin pages for adding and removing AMDS sites and configuring some of the properties.

The look should be a lot like quicksilver, but the options will have shifted, and some of the features wanted for quicksilver will be provided by for amds-web.

I have created all these projects, and tomorrow I will extend the code and set mockups for handling data. Soon after that will be integrating Vaughns client, and then many cycles of testing and coding.

My hope is by the end of the week to have Quicksilver-esque functionality coming from AMDS test data.

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