Monday, April 27, 2009

Metadata madness.

Today, I took the first step in getting to Rodsadai-with-grid-viewer settings, setting up how all the metadata would be stored, and discussing it with other people.

For now, we have settled on storing the server names and URL's in a database, and then populating the metadata from the service(s) dynamically. Thus, most of today has been spent filling out the infrastructure for a one-time database load in gridviewer.

Brian and I also discussed how the app would behave. Instead of the Quicksilver-esque selection and then map... there will be an intro page that will probably need the real-estate formerly taken by the map to show a server-list. The given list will change depending on what date ranges, regions, and conditions are picked (based on whether or not the servers support said items) and then, after the ranges and servers are chosen, the map will be loaded and viewed. Another nifty discussed was to have metadata popups over the available servers, so people would get an idea of which limitations each server had.

Otherwise, the big next step will be integrating with the client app Vaughn is developing. It will be needed to pull the metadata for given services and set up the loading pane.

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