Friday, April 3, 2009

learning grid services.

So right now I am essentially reading the grid book, learning how to make grid services, and learning how to secure grid services. Then, I will be playing with Introduce to see how it makes all this stuff much easier and much more automatic with the help of Felicia.

I also hope to pick Felicia's brain about implementing security using the client.

Either way, Globus services are a lot more than I thought they were, they have a lot more involved for maintaining state and essentially having all of their interactions marshaled and grouped, and it is just crying out for a shiny (if not leaky) abstraction to make it all pretty and less scary to people who aren't programmers used to fighting with Webservices and some of the gooey "I was generated by a machine" code that can come out of them. I look forward to those abstractions, but until then, I am going to be learning a lot of transport layer fun to get secure/amds-based quicksilver running.


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