Monday, April 6, 2009

Introduction to Introduce

So, I read much more about Globus and got introduce up and running, more importantly I figured out what I want to try and do with it in the coming weeks: Make a service that will comply with latest AMDS Spec and a client that will allow me to ping it.

The part of converting Poison Center data into AMDS Responses and AMDS Queries into Poison Center queries, while tedious, is something I can envision doing. I can also envision doing the skeleton from scratch, but that would be absolutely horrible to try and do if I don't have any really powerful tools like XML-spy... or Introduce.

The only problems with Introduce for what we need to do is that it is a bit geared towards caGrid, and likes to package up a few special libraries that end up causing some interesting deploy behaviors using globus tools when it is NOT part of caGrid. It also doesn't produce particularly maven-able results from the get go, so there is some footwork to be done playing with packaging and building and deploy tools.

There is also some work to be done with the client and making sure that it's security libraries don't conflict with existing secure clients (like RODSAdai) or how to place libraries so they don't interfere.

Thus, this week will be devoted to getting the service skeleton set up for a secure globus service.

The other cool thing might be that once this is done, it can be saved off as a shell for any given skeleton that needs to wrap other services, since AMDS is supposed to be a repeatable standard.

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