Thursday, April 2, 2009

Minor deploy, and Introduce

So, the next step for Quicksilver is to make an AMDS-intermediary layer that is a secure Globus service. Thus, tonight I am going to be going over some of the GRID/Globus books again and tomorrow I will probably install introduce and run the tutorial.

The reason I want to read the grid books is so I can see what goes into creating a grid service so that I can see what the introduce client will do for me. Then, I can start better understanding the heuristics of making an intermediary layer for poison data showing up in AMDS web.

Oh yeah, I have to go over the AMDS schema as well.

The end result is that the viewer part of Quicksilver, will end up becoming more of a generic AMDS viewer. Thus, one picks (a) secure service(s) that return(s) AMDS data, fills out the form that it/they require(s) (based on retrieved metadata for selected services), compiles the results into some sort of mappable data, and displays it in the map... and one of those secure AMDS services will be poison data.

One of the concerns I had was that making the NPDS->AMDS converter secure would be completely heuristic... then I remembered that people have to be given logins to be able to access poison data, and it would be much easier if they just were able to access it if they had a node on the grid.

So yeah, big context switch over the next couple of days, expect flagellating expectations as I realize the can, can't, and how.

Also, I ported a bunch of the improvements I made to npdsgmaps-web (the viewer part of quicksilver) back to gmap-poly-web (a demonstration library made on top of Gmap-Polygon). That should be deployed to training tomorrow so the two apps act the same (and because the version currently on training doesn't use encoded polygons, and is therefore much slower and error prone).


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