Thursday, April 9, 2009

De-duplication Insight from the Field

After Monday's post Dave Heinbaugh, the tech manager for the Tarrant County APC, was kind enough to spend some time with me on the phone walking through some of the scenarios for de-duplication.

He basically broke it down that based on the statistical analysis, it's really not worth trying to account for a single patient who gets served by multiple hospitals or clinics. Based on Dave's experience near the data, this does not happen.

So, de-duplication is an issue for NHIN where they are trying to figure out if 5 different EMR/EHRs are the same person, but for AMDS it may not be as an immediate, data quality issue as feared.

This doesn't get rid of the question of de-duplication, but shifts it a bit from trying to reduce specific instances of patients recorded multiple times to trying to make sure that a data source is not reported multiple times (for example Tarrant County is a BioSense data source so if you queried BioSense-AMDS and Tarrant-AMDS services for Respiratory conditions and combined them together you would get double counts).

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