Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yay for the Douglas-Peucker algorithm

So, encoding the polygons worked. The map now displays much faster and without any of the nasty "this script is taking a long time" errors that were plaguing it before, even in IE.

Firefox (and especially Chrome) are still faster than IE, usually with little things like scroll-zoom, but IE is no longer the annoying almost unusable experience it was before, which is good considering a lot more people use IE.

Otherwise, we are about to code-wrap version 1 for a deploy to the SDN, so the most recent dev build should be ported to training tomorrow morning. In addition to the polygon improvements, the passwords will be updated (and you'll have to contact Brian Lee at fya1@cdc.gov to get a new one) and outliers will be much harder to find considering I fixed the logic with the evaluation part of the C2 algorithm. There are some other small UI tweaks and I can't wait to show them to people.

This project has come a long way, and all the things I thought were near impossible turned out to be rather easy (consequently, all the stuff I thought would be easy turned out to be much more annoying than anticipated). Either way, I am excited.


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Jim Tobias said...

Congratulations !

This is very cool.