Monday, March 30, 2009

Encoded Polygons draw and popup

Most of today was spent making a series of UI tweaks that were requested. Now the legends are adjusted a bit, some extra labels were added, and a link to the help page is on the development version.

I wanted to play with the encoded GMapPolygons before I went home, so I made sure I could replicate the functionality that I already had, and made thus, with the help of Alabama, I now know I can place an encoded gmap polygon with the same click-for-popup and color/shading properties.

Tomorrow will be spent enacting this. I am probably going to try setting up on-the-fly translation, and then work on storing encoded polygons in the database (namely because I can think in my head how to do an on-the-fly translation and there are some tricky bits with database storage of dual strings that I don't want to start there...

Either way, here's to hoping for a vast improvement in performance by tomorrow afternoon.

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