Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Updated AMDS Draft Schema

I went ahead and formalized a lot of the talks around the AMDS schema we've been having this winter and spring and updated the schemas on the wiki. Although this namespace is 20090330, it really has been around since January and isn't a major change from the v1 that was posted back on December 15.

The amds schema boils down to just two messages for the service:

  • MetadataQuery/Response - Returns the appropriate metadata for each service. This exists so that clients and registries can determine metadata through a runtime API rather than rely on an administrator to manually enter.

  • AMDSQueryRequest/Response- This takes in a query of conditions, regions and a date range and returns an array of counts by condition, region and day.

This is much smaller than the earlier version since we may as well start with a single operation.

The MetadataQuery is built into the service spec so that a user or registry can programatically check for what capabilities a service provides. Thanks Jeremy for this idea as it's a lot easier than trying to keep the service registry up to date manually.

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