Monday, March 30, 2009

BioSense AMDS Extract

John, Tom and I met with the BioSense data team to discuss the best way to provide aggregate BioSense data for AMDS. Until we can prepare an automation routine to determine aggregate data, the data team will generate a trailing 30 day report for the 11 syndromes (using the Chief Complaint bucket for Real-Time sources and the Outpatient Final Diagnosis bucket for VA and DoD).

This report will be parsed and loaded into the BioSense extract database for querying using the AMDS service for BioSense.

All this is near future (before June) kind of stuff. So we are getting rather close to being able to pilot AMDS-BioSense securely in a proper production/staging environment.

The release of AMDS-BioSense would be the second step in releasing the BioSense Grid Publisher (the first being the planned release of the Grid Publisher node).

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