Wednesday, March 4, 2009

security and better variable handling in Quicksilver.

Today, Brian and I worked through the intricacies of SHA1 hashing, Popular Open Source libraries for SQLServer JDBC, and all the various ways to get relative URLS in a servlet container...

But we have secure Quicksilver. If you try and access the main quicksilver pane in the app when you are not authenticated, you will be redirected to a login page, and you can only get to the pane after logging in successfully.

Also, I moved a bunch of static variables in a JSP into the servlet space, thus hopefully alleviating the "caching" of previous variables and settings between different sessions.

Tomorrow, there will be some cleanup, a test to make sure Gmap-polygon can connect to the SQL Server instance being used for authentication, and then some research and perhaps implementation of flot charts. I may also have time to look through being able to click on a link in the popups and essentially drill into the preferred state/zip3/zip5

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