Thursday, March 19, 2009

VMWare Grid node Distro

The next version of the VMWare grid node appliance will not be a VDT installation of Globus. It has been converted to a native Globus installation.

This has been done for two reasons. The first reason is to reduce the overall disk space requirements for the VM appliance. The second reason is to distribute a model that closely resembles the NCPHI installation of Globus.

Please keep in mind that this change does not reduce grid functionality. The original VDT installation was intended to reduce the complexity of installing a grid node. If we are distributing a DVD with a fully installed grid node, it serves no purpose for it to be a VDT installation.

This change will allow the users to research issues based on a standard Globus installation. I believe this move will reduce configuration issues as new grid services come online.

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