Friday, March 6, 2009

Deploy Log

Deployed new Quicksilver to staging this morning. The Zip3 and Zip5 counts are now geocentric from the Allied Center, and not just the Colorado Poison Center. Thus, you no longer log into Tennessee which was supposed to have 400 cases and then only see about 30. It also has security, so you will have to email someone on the PHGrid team to get a userid and password. The installation notes are here and the direct link is here.

The AMDS-UI was also deployed, but it was discovered that the AMDS-UI and Rodsadai-web are not playing nicely with the Globus Security Interface. Thus, when one is run first, it prevents the other from running, because the other cannot create a secure connection. Thus, AMDS-UI and Rodsadai-web seem to be mutually exclusive for the time being, and since rodsadai-web is still being demonstrated-on, we are going to try and debug and hopefully alleviate the conflict. Failing that, we will probably create a "switchover" where AMDS-Web replaces Rodsadai. After all, AMDS is capable of doing the same thing Rodsadai did, but better with more functionality and outside of Pittsburgh.

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