Thursday, March 26, 2009

Don't have memory zooms yet, but we do have caching and default start week.

I spent a long amount of today finding various ways that trying to selectively save a user's zoom wouldn't work.

The basics are there, I managed to get the user zoom saved to the page, so the app knows what the user chose before clicking submit time, it's just getting everything lined up so that the app only defaults to the previously selected zip when everything locationally stays the same... throw in the fact that I never really designed the application for that much state awareness from the get go (because I never anticipated someone wanting to save their zoom level) and it's being more difficult than it should and taking much more time than I feel people thought it would.

But, I took a break from that, and got some caching of the NPDS service values working. Now, the service doesn't have to be hit if a call was already made previously, that should help speed things up.

The other thing I implemented was a "default to current week" feature that was requested.

Tomorrow is the deploy. I might brainstorm some nifty way to enable saved zooms before the deploy tomorrow morning, but I can't make any promises. After the deploy I have blocked out some time with other developers to start finding ways to speed up the Quicksilver experience in IE. We have some ideas, we just need to go ahead and try them.


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