Thursday, March 12, 2009

myExperiment is brought to you by a joint team from the universities of Southampton and Manchester in the UK, led by David De Roure and Carole Goble, and is funded by JISC under the Virtual Research Environments programme and by Microsoft's Technical Computing Initiative.

myExperiment is part of the myGrid consortium, which develops the Taverna Workflow Workbench for creating and executing scientific workflows, and also builds on CombeChem - two of the original UK e-Science Pilot Projects. The related WHIP (Triana enactment) activity in Cardiff is supported by the OMII-UK Commissioned Software Programme.

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Jim Tobias said...

Hi Tom,
Awesome. I am a graduate student at the University of Southampton and hope to finish this April. My major professor is Dr. James Wright and he does much work with WHO and PATH.
Of course, currently I am not at CDC but wonder if we could reach out to Southampton in the future ?
I would be very interested in this...