Tuesday, March 17, 2009

c2 in a popup

So, I got all the mechanics working (I think, I will need Will Duck to go over the mechanics with me to make sure I am doing it right) for the C2 algorithm.

Furthermore, I have tested them and put together the mechanics to deploy javascript arrays for flot... including making sure I have GMT-centered timestamps with my counts (much more annoying than it seems it should be).

I pasted the arrays generated into my flot tester, and the graphs worked :D

Tomorrow, I will work on getting the flotplot.jsp working on fetching the appropriate polygon and forwarding it to the flot JSP to build the arrays.

Then, it's plug it all together, import it into NPDS and modify how the dates are pulled and hopefully.. new charts in Quicksilver.

Yeah, this has been a sentence-paragraph kind of day. It means I have been thinking like a machine for most of the day.


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