Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wil Duck: Ideas regarding statistical api...

Take a look at the following api's I found for handling all the
statistical analysis for the charting tool and beyond:

1., Basically this is Java/R interface that
allows you to run R inside java applications as a single thread. I know
that Barry has mentioned before that he likes R and would like to use it
in some capacity within BioSense. However I did not see anywhere in the
readme files about this api accepting URL calls. R is plenty robust
enough to handle any statistical analysis that could ever be requested
for syndromic surveillance purposes.

The following link is to JGR, a JAVA GUI for R that we could we have
some use for as well:

2., StatGen is a Python api written
to parse log files and do statistical calculations for time series and
charting visualization purposes. However, when I looked at the class
and method details I did not see any reference to the ability to
calculate statistical significance of a point estimate using C2. Still
may be worth looking over for ideas though.

I will continue combing through sourceforge and other repositories for
ideas but these two popped out at me for different reasons. JRI seems
the way to go.


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Tom Savel, MD said...

For those who want to learn more about R.