Monday, February 2, 2009

Poicendai, AXIS, CXF, and Service Mishaps. Oh My

Sorry if I have been a bit mum over the past couple of days, but I
have had my head buried on trying to get the NPDS Service to return
data, and after discovering some of the issues that were
(embarassingly) problems on my end... I got data back... so now I am
trying to parse it into objects that would be easy for GMAP Polygons
to understand... and I'm trying to leave wiggle room for Dr. Espino
who is working on a really net Mvn fueled CXF version of the parser,
which will be better than the AXIS version I have because it won't
conflict with globus.

That, and I have just had a bunch of fun new requirements: Poicendai
(and therefore gmap-polygon) will now need to run based on a different
SQL platform, so I get to migrate test that, and I need to make sure
it will run on standalone tomcat (I am pretty sure it will but I still
have to test it), and start researching authentication schemes.

That, and we need to find better ways to handle Friday deploys to make
sure everything works after deployment, and that people can test
deployments in case the code originator isn't present and able to run
the test.

So, it's going to be very busy here over the next week, because I was
planning/hoping to get an unembarassingly demonstrable version of
PoiCenDai out this week.

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