Friday, February 20, 2009

New stuff, and a bunch to do.

The updated demos for Gmap-Polygon and and Quicksilver are now on the web, read the Service Registry entries in the wiki to learn more.

In the meantime, there is still a bunch of stuff to be done on Quicksilver and a few things to tweak on Gmap-Polygon, so here comes the list.

  1. Gmap-Polygon

    1. Bugs
      1. Internet Explorer sometimes throws an operation aborted error. I am not sure what to do to fix this as it is sporadic, comes with no extra information, and is related to Javascript.
      2. Focus is maintained between different sessions, so someone on one computer has picked California, the other person logging in will see California.

    2. Speed
      1. Need to get smaller (less complicated, fewer vertices) zip3 polygons so that zip3s of states like California and Florida take less time to transfer and load

    3. Security
      1. Need to bubble-up errors and make it so that simple, non detailed error notifications are given in a production setting
      2. Need to check parameters for validity, warding off various injection attacks

  2. Quicksilver

    1. Bugs
      1. Data is aggregating, not updating, in state counts. Need to make sure that time series replace in new polygons
      2. States with a lot of zip-codes are causing errors upon attempted zip3 loading, the string is overloading the service. Need to mitigate by seeing if ziplist length can be extended or by breaking up call into multiple lengths.
      3. State data is being loaded from the Colorado NPDS Service and not the global NPDS Service
    2. Unimplemented features
      1. Zip5s need to be loaded and displayed
      2. The ability to select dates and conditions need to be added in accordance with the use case
      3. The graph-viewer needs to be updated to display a much more statistically useful graph (outliers flagged by different colors, possibly zoom-able)
    3. Security
      1. Need to add security so that login/pass must be supplied before any map information is viewable.
      2. Need to double check values and propagate friendly/non-detailed error should values not be invalid.

There are probably a few things I am forgetting, and in addition to all these feature add-ons, I will be checking compatibility and configuration compatibility with different databases and the like.

Either way, I am looking forward to making things niftier and more robust. I hope you all have a good weekend!


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