Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Well, we know it works in tomcat.

I have confirmed that the old version of poicondai (the CO centric version that you can see on the demo server now) will run in tomcat. Also, the lab engineer, Dale, has already whipped up a VM with SQL Server for testing, so that is awesome, and I should be able to test on it tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I have finished testing and creating an interface on top of the NPDS Axis service I had created, and now I have created a new project called npdsgmaps to essentially act as the mediator between the webapp, the gmap-polygon libraries, and the npds service. Thus it will make sure the time series of the polygons get populated appropriately, and that all the extra data for the web services gets passed in without the polygons having to worry about it. I am tentatively hoping I will get basic data in a rudimentary poicendai-map program (IE, a state and/or some zipcodes showing data) by tomorrow evening... but that is a lot of tentative and hope, I'll let you know where I am :D.


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