Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We now have zip5s. Next stop, Dates and Clinical Effects

Today I managed to get zip5s working on the demo node. I ran some pretty thorough tests and I don't think there are any bugs (which is sort of scary, I am sure I will find some tomorrow).

Tomorrow, I am going to pull over code for date selection and clinical effect selection from the old poicondai screen, make sure the values are going into the right places, and probably improve the clinical effect selector to allow for multiple selections (and maybe even use something from jQuery to allow for searching the set of possible clinical effects).

Friday, it should be posted to the web and able for people to play-with.. and I'll start drafting all the changes for making Gmaps-polygon and Quicksilver that much cooler, namely by adding more security and niftier graphs. All while testing Windows and SQL-Server compatibility.

Speaking of cool new graphs... check out some of the blog entries on the various statistical engines and AJAX visualization possibilities. I am probably going to pick one of the more AJAX (as opposed to flash or java-applet) friendly ones and tinker with it on Friday after the deploy. I would be looking at them more but I have been busy with just getting zip3's and zip5's to work without throwing big nasty errors. Many thanks to Brian Lee and William Duck for helping me look into the statistics engine pieces (and discussing the various benefits and drawbacks of each over email).

Also, a big thanks goes out to Dale, our grid-vmware-engineer as it were. He has been a real help and very considerate of our issues with the lab/demo environment, usually fixing problems within a day and working with us on planned outages and upgrades to minimize downtime and the need to restart things. He has been doing it for many, many months and I just realized I hadn't said anything about how hard he works to make sure we're good in terms of networks and Virtual Machines.

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