Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fault Tolerence / Gold Build catalog

Thought Place Holder:

New node build level selection - We currently have a services registry on the PHGrid blog for the various services hosted throughout the grid. There should be an option WITHIN the grid that allows nodes to easily select and automatically deploy existing services for the purpose of fault tolerance or customization.


As new nodes come online, they are granted access to a services catalog that has the capability of automatically deploying and configuring services within the catalog. The model that I'm thinking about is similar to the auto provisioning capability of HP Data Center Automation (Formerly Opsware SAS) and Bladelogic Operations Manager's compliance capability.

1. This would drastically reduce the configuration time needed for new grid nodes.
2. It could open the door for location based service consumption.
3. Provide fault tolerance for existing services
4. Reduce rework at new grid sites

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Barry said...

We've been using Data Palette for our automation and were surprised to see the inclusion of service catalogs in their newest release. The vendor, Stratavia, is pushing a self-service model, where their access rights are integrated within AD, allowing for team members to provision, remediate or even refresh assets. Their on-board content (they call them Solution Packs) is why we purchased the product; this is where the service catalogs reside.