Tuesday, February 3, 2009

DRN Demo preparation

Dan and I tested the manual steps for the DRN demo with Joel Spangler from Geisinger. We transferred up the user SAS program using Ross' naming conventions, Joel combined the user SAS program with the Geisinger template, Joel ran the SAS program, I copied down the output file and displayed it using Open Office's spreadsheet program. Then Dan and I ran through the same steps using the NCPHI node.

I also wrote a few simple bash shell scripts that will help the demo go faster when we're running within WebEx. These bash scripts will be replaced by Don Brown's perl scripts once they are ready.

Curiously, the SSTS client runs a lot more slowly from Linux nodes than from Dan's windows client setup. It's a significant time difference (60 seconds on Linux vs. 5 seconds on Windows) and we'll be investigating to determine what the difference is.

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