Thursday, February 19, 2009

Those thursday nights

Greetings all from the lab.

Tomorrow tends to be our "regular deploy day", which of course means I went "I am going to Get This Bug Fixed before I go home"

So, it's about 8:00PM, but I got that bug fixed, even if in testing I discovered about 3 other bugs.

But tomorrow, should the deploy go well, the zip3s in Quicksilver will behave that much better.

But woo-ey it was a doozy to get those zip3 loads behaving... and a bunch of the other bugs fixed over this last week. Unfortunately, it was a lot of stuff on the back end, so the front end probably won't change that much to the end user.

I guess that is just one of the facts of life sometimes, you can work for a week on a bunch of cool new improvements, and the user will never know it (But ooooh, do they notice it when something goes wacky).


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